So you want a man but you’re not ready to give up man bashing?


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So you want a man but you’re not ready to give up man bashing? Did I get that right?  You want a man that will hold you at night, endure your monthly rage, love you to no end and feed you spiritually, but you can’t stop talking about how all men are dogs, cheaters, idiots, selfish, stupid, down low, the same and not real men. Well my friend, if this is your perception of men, then why do you want one?

-Fed Up with the Fed EX’s

The Mrs. is fed up with man bashing women who claim to be “TOO” strong and much of a woman for most men. This has become the epidemic excuse that women have fooled themselves into thinking all across the globe. Let me ask you something. If woman was made from man, how is it that man wouldn’t be able to come to an understanding with a part of his self pertaining to you? Do we think that God has begun to make man in a lesser image of himself? I certainly don’t think that’s the case. What I do believe is that women have allowed the hurt of previous relationships and experience to serve a dictator over their present and future, instead of as a guide to the lessons previously learned. Here’s some food for thought. Stop bashing your ex on social media and to your family and friends if you’re just going to go right back to him. It’s obvious you did not learn your lesson the first time and there’s no need for the world to know how imprudent you really are. In actuality, you look worst then the man you described to world for staying with him.

– 1+1 = Another Part of You

When two become one, you’re only as great as your other half. If a man’s prospective other half has no problem with bashing men on social media and to the rest of the world, how much better of a person is he? How good of a person are you to be content with airing out a negative connotation of your prospective interest? Understand if a man does not want to be associated with negativity, then he will not subject himself to the likes of the “She Woman Man Haters Club”. Often times women forget that everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of relationships. If all you can say about a man is how awful he is, then don’t be surprised when the only results you get are “Awful” in the relationship that you worked to build. The same way we use our words to bash and defile the being of men, could be the very thing that keeps this vicious cycle of men not fulfilling their roles into play. Your words are so powerful, that they can lead to the demise of the very opportunities you seek to attain. Don’t let those words about your future Boaz come from you.

–  Man Grammar

Taking the time to change the language and not just your views is essential to having the ideal relationship you desire to be in. You must make the choice of feeding the negative or the positive when considering your current or future relationship. It is your decision to make. Yes, it is possible for you to start feeding the positive side before it even happens. It’s call speaking it into the atmosphere and declaring it over your life. As believers, we know that we are snared by the words of our mouth. Proverbs 6:2. So what you say can help or harm you, propel or hinder you.  If all you know or think is negative of men, then that’s all he’ll ever be to you.  It takes a lot to say “He’s nothing more than a dogmatic, arrogant scumbag”. It takes so much less say that “He’s a work in progress”. No one has the authority to change your thoughts and words but you however if you’re content with bashing and belittling, do the rest of us a favor and keep your contentment to yourself.


That is all.

The Mrs.

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One thought on “So you want a man but you’re not ready to give up man bashing?

  1. As always you make me think and by thinking I can become a better woman. And a better wife to my husband yet to appear, because God is still working on us. Thanks Mrs.


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