Bon Appetite

Bon Appetite photo

Photo Credit by Mark Matthews

How do you prefer your meat? Are you a salmonella kind of woman; who maybe, has not been the best cook in the past and experienced a few run in’s with the ER due to your lack of patience to wait for dinner to be completed? Or, maybe you got a meal at a restaurant that you trusted but instead received food poisoning because you chose to forgo cooking that night. Regardless of which experience you’ve encountered, you’ve likely been a stickler for how your food, specifically your meat, is prepared since then. If you’re anything like me, you haven’t re-visited that restaurant whose cuisine assaulted your intestines anymore and learned your lesson the first time around. So Mrs. what’s all this talk about meat? I’m glad you asked. Do you want him well done or are you willing to settle for raw meat?

-The Raw Man

This joker has not a clue what to do with a well put together woman like yourself. He looks at you only from a perspective of “You woman, Me man”. He has not the skill or time to subdue your mind but promises to please only your body because your spirit and mentality are too much for him to handle (As if he were looking to explore that anyway). A woman of your caliber has no business settling with a guy like this because he won’t be capable of giving you the true fulfillment you want and deserve to have. Well Mrs., how do I know if he’s a raw man? That’s easy you want be his only victim. This guy is an offense repeater who will love you till sunrise, but you, nor the woman he was with the night before you, will be a priority when the day breaks. You may even ask yourself, is this dude a vampire because I only see and hear from him when the sun sets. Another characteristic he often displays is, his inability to go deeper than the surface of a relationship with you. You want a man that can wow and excite you as well as comfort and impart wisdom in you. A raw man cannot do any of these things because well, reason number 3. He has not reached your level of maturity yet. You can only hope that one day he will but in the meantime, the real work that goes into a relationship is not a challenge that this caveman is up for.

– The Medium Well Man

If you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing the raw man, you’ll be appreciative when you come across, the medium well man. However, beware!!! This man may love you deeply, buy you everything you ask, think, want or need, and you’ll have an excellent relationship with his family and friends. The one thing this man will not give you, however, is a commitment. You can play the role of wifey better than Clare Huxtable, Carol Brady and dark skinned Aunt Viv combined but this man will only make you his roommate. You’ll ask yourself time and time again, what is keeping him from making me an honest woman? Have I not proven myself? Am I not good enough to be his wife? It’s going on 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years and still nothing. Commitment isn’t really the medium well man’s strong point. One thing the medium well man does know how to do is be in a relationship. He may even believe that he is the master of all relationships. It’s likely he’s that guy giving all the other guys relationship advice at the local bar mitzvah, barbeques, and wedding receptions (Rolls Eyes). Don’t let this man trick you into feeling that it’s something that you’ve done or are not doing. However, it is likely that you’ve done more than what you needed to do in order to be with him but let’s save that for a later post.

-The Well Done Man

Great things take time. If you know you’re a lot of woman to handle, i.e. a lot of attitude, stubborn, head strong, overly emotional or high strung, it may take even longer.  Food for thought….. Your well done man is not currently on someone else’s plate so don’t go to the restaurant looking at what everyone else has order. Get your menu, place your order and wait for your meal to be served. Timing is everything. The well done man comes equipped with intent when developing a relationship. He has been cut, washed, seasoned to perfection and placed in the flame to evolve to the man God created him to be, just for you.  This is the reason why a well done man does not need an ultimatum in order to move forward in his relationship with you. What he will however require is an answer from God on whether or not you are his well done woman. So, how do you like your steak now?


That is all….

The Mrs.

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4 thoughts on “Bon Appetite

  1. “Get your menu, place your order & wait for your meal to be served”..yesss! That’s a mouth full! A lot of women want fairytales/storybook romance or what they’re circle of friends have, no ma’am, create your own when your season comes.

    ***But I do want that plate in the picture though 😀


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