He sees you he just doesn’t want you.


Photo by Rdot Smith


No need to flaunt it….. He sees you he just doesn’t want you.

No, he isn’t down low, gay, blind, or too conceited to notice anyone other than himself exists. Exposed, easily attainable, and frequently used meat simply doesn’t entice his palette. What do you say to yourself as you’re scrolling and swiping on various social media sites and you come across the video vixens and Instagram models baring it to the world for all to see? Usually, your thoughts run somewhere along the line of “#THIRSTY”. Well guess what? When a man, and I’m not talking about those perpetrating boy men; I’m talking about when a real man sees something like this, he sees nothing more than a piece of meat lathered in glitter, baby oil and cheap bundles. I love you but I’m going to make this quick, slightly painful and straight to the point; I hope we can still be friends but, simply put, you need to consider repackaging your product girl.


He’s a refined kind of man-

Have you ever stopped to think, maybe he’s a vegetarian or meat isn’t on the menu for him at this time in his life? Have you ever heard of the 21 Day Daniel Fast? Daniel himself was a man of status in his community prior to being taken by the Babylonians. He had the gift of interpreting dreams and his gifts eventually made room for him at the hand of his enemies. Daniel promised in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies or animals used for meat that were ritually sacrificed in worship to Babylonian gods. Daniel refused to eat foods forbidden by God, instead asking God for the foods that make up the 21 Day Fast. So what does this mean for me Mrs.? I’m glad you asked. The refined type of man gets his strength and delights from the fruits, vegetables, legumes and unleavened breads of your mind and not the flesh of your body. Pushed up cleavage and hoisted up butt selfies do not impress this type of man because his spiritual life is firmly rooted in God. He seeks only after the Proverbs woman and will not rest or accept what society has provided for him but knows he is stronger with the woman that God has destined for him. His idea of a woman is the one that every man wants but no man has seen “unveiled”.

He’s a Hunter-

Maybe he’s a hunter (the he that finds a wife kind of man) and has already staked his claim to his prime selection. A short time ago I was speaking with a true hunter who expressed to me that they will not kill anything smaller than what they have had in the past. Translation for #TMFM: There is no point in taking the woman off the market if I’ve experienced something of this dimension before. Ask yourself would you want to date a replica of the ex-boyfriend you had that cheated on you, stole your credit card and never put gas in your car? Sensibly, you probably wouldn’t because you know what to expect. The same rules apply here. If he has experienced the Instagram model or vixen once, why would he want to circle back knowing that all he got out of it was flesh, flesh and more flesh? A hunter is looking to get full off his prey and have enough stored up for the long haul, not just for one meal. Be the woman that provides the nourishment for him; swelling his belly and mind with things that challenge and intrigue him. Challenge yourself to be filling enough to be his last meal. Don’t be so surface based to the point that you have nothing more to offer to him than your front and backside because eventually all that stuff sags.


Regardless of which type of man he is, rest assure he’s not purchasing meat that is open, bleeding and out of the package. Repackage what you’ve placed on the market. Would you purchase your meat if it was hanging out the package? Would you drop it on the club floor then pick it back up and still eat it? Or sit it all out on the counter top for bacteria (the world) to see, touch and infect? Neither would he. For every bent over butt pic you take and every Janet Jackson nip slip you “accidentally” have on social media, you are that many more steps further away from arriving to your ordained destination. No man wants his lady or future wife exposing her/his goodies to the world. Place them in the fridge where they belong until it’s time for them to be cooked if you get my drift.

Survey says-

According to some of the distinguished men that I took the liberty in surveying for you, it’s easy to show your skin, that’s why a lot of women are doing it. Being intellectually interesting is the challenge but is truly the only thing that will keep a Godly man. They feel that women who advertise themselves in such a way shouldn’t expect anything more than a sexual relationship or one that’s built on the falsehood of physical appearances. You may be able to stay on top of your appearance to keep him amused for a while, but like everything else in this world he can/will eventually grow tired of it, especially when there are millions of other girls showing off the same thing. It’s almost like buying a home. Give him a reason to purchase and not just rent it.


That is all-


The Mrs.

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4 thoughts on “He sees you he just doesn’t want you.

  1. You better preach! Prepare it! Cover it! Let it marinate! When he’s done with the mass production of fake fast food and hungry for beef …he will look for you. He’ll Take time and care to slow roast to perfection. He wont throw you in a bag and pass you out the window. He will plate you perfectly adding just the touch of garnish (hopefully he has a black diamond which is my preference…lol) and feast upon his good thing appreciating the sustenance, the fullness, the good thing. 😘😘😘 Love you Mrs.

    You give a very practical insight to this single life hunnibunches…..heeding ALL advice!

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  2. A few years ago I was at my sons football game and as I waiting a young lady walked in she was very attractive, dressed very nicely until she sit down, you can see more then the eyes should see on someone other than their spouse. And and not in public. After sitting down men where pointing her out to other men. as the saying goes you can catch more hony with flies than with vinegar. I don’t know if she was married or not but I can’t imagine her catching nothing but cold air, because cold it was by the third quarter. Great work please continue to be used by God.

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  3. I like this one, and I believe it can truly speak to the younger girls out there. Even some of the older ones who are still trying to “impress” men with boobs and butts. At the end of the day, like you stated, that will soon sag! Give more to a man/woman than what the flesh has going on.

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  4. His last meal. That was the highlight and takeaway. This is so true, we as women have to be more aware that this can’t be how to attract and keep a man . We need to have some assets other than a nice body and some bundles. Be rare and come with substance. You are on point my girl. Keep it coming this is good stuff Mia.


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